Which Bathtub Features Will Add Some Luxury To My Space?

When we imagine a good home, we focus on getting trendy furniture for the lounge or a cool stove for the kitchen. To give your home a luxurious look, you tend to spend on certain items. Most people overlook the bathroom. No doubt, the ultimate relaxation is taking a bath. You can unwind, relax and even read while you soak in the warm water.

People run to the spa after a hectic day at work to relax. If you are ready to invest your money and spend a little on luxury, this guide is for you. A bathtub is mostly a once-in-a-lifetime investment. You don’t replace it again and again. So, choose it wisely.

7 Luxurious Bathtub Features

Good Quality Material

You can have the fanciest bathtub in town, and it will still not give off a luxurious feeling if it is not made with strong and durable materials. Flimsy, lightweight bathtubs can be spotted from a mile away. If you go and visit the high-end designer shops, you will always find bathtubs made of heavy, sturdy materials.

Porcelain-enameled steel, cast-iron and cast polymer are good options to go for. They exhibit a strong, sturdy structure and look better than the fiberglass or acrylic ones. These tubs make a good first impression, which is very important in interior designing.


Luxurious bathtubs have one thing in common: color. All the expensive and luxurious ones are along with the tones of white, cream, black and beige. If you for the very expensive and top-end ones which are made from stones like onyx, turquoise and even gold, the color palette changes drastically.

When it comes to colors, keeping it simple is the key. Go for single-tones and solid colors which you like. This gives a very sophisticated and glamorous look. Choosing lighter tones is a safe option to go with.

Free Standing Bathtubs

We can’t stress how good a free-standing bathtub looks. All the spas have these. A free-standing tub is functional. You get space to easily move around. You can even add a bath tray or a small table with your toiletries on top.

The Lapiaz Bathtub, The Diamond Bathtub and heritage bathtub all are free-standing. These tubs are also used as statement pieces to make your bathroom look luxurious and expensive.

Tub for Two

If you have ample space, go for a tub that can accommodate two people. Oversized tubs are the new thing this season. More space always looks extravagant and luxurious. They are functional and you can relax easily without cramping your knees and elbows.

Designing Tip: A tub for two should only be included in your bathroom if you have ample space to spare. Otherwise, it will make your bathroom look cramped and cheap.


You should go for bathtubs made from scratch-resistant materials and stain-resistant. Cleanliness always translates into luxury. Having the best bathtub which has cracks or stains on it is not going to do anyone any good. You can have a simple bathtub and make it look luxurious by maintaining it properly.

Add in Details

Details are very important. Adding a few details here and there can amp up the luxury quotient of your bathtub. You can include soft textiles in your bathroom to make it look good. You can hang curtains against the windows to give a soft look. Adding a fluffy rug near the bathtub is also a good idea. You can keep a little table on which you can add candles or even hand towels. It is all in the details.

Dim Lights

Spas always have soft and dim lights. That gives a soothing and luxurious effect. Installing a dimmer will allow you to lower the lights to make your tub stand out more. This will create a glowing effect.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to give a luxurious effect to your bathtub. There are a few things to keep in mind while getting your bathtub installed or renovated.

  • Keep in mind that installation should be neat and clean. Even though some people can and do install tubs themselves, the final result is not that good.
  • A general rule of thumb is to focus on maintenance and cleanliness. A clean and well-maintained space looks good and gives off luxurious vibes.
  • Pick a good plumber. Installation should be perfect to avoid any further problems.

Which One Should You Pick?

You can either pick one or incorporate all of the above points in your bathtub. Always keep an eye open for sturdy and durable materials. Even though bathtubs that are well-built seem expensive, they are not in the long run. When you are investing, do so wisely!