No ledge Walk In Shower Addition

Walk-in showers are becoming more popular. Mainly because they give an illusion of more space, are easy to use and give the bathroom a unique personality and style. Most homeowners want a spacious bathroom and that is what you will get with a walk-in shower.

What is a Walk-in Shower?

By definition, a walk-in shower is a shower that you can simply walk into. This confuses many people. They argue that you have to walk into every shower, right? But a walk-in shower does not involve a bathtub or anything you have to step into. The entrance has a partial wall or is fully open. Mostly, people use curtains or a door to block the entrance and separate it from the rest of the bathroom.  

The majority of walk-in showers have a glass wall. This is not compulsory.

Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Shower

If you are considering committing to a walk-in shower, you will need to know the pros and cons.

1.      Good for All Ages

Tubs can be dangerous for small kids. Walk-in showers are an excellent option for all age groups. “Aging in place” is a new concept that is quickly gaining popularity. This is why you need to think long-term. If you have elderly or younger kids around, a walk-in shower might not only be practical but also lifesaving. For the elderly, going in and out of a slippery bathroom can be very dangerous. Eliminating the need to step over a tall ledge is a safest way for the elderly to enter and exit a shower.

2.      Makes the Bathroom Looks Spacious

If you have a small bathroom and want to give the illusion of having more space, go for a walk-in shower. Tubs take up a lot of space. A normal shower also requires a high tray and shower doors. These all take up space and cost extra. With walk-in showers, space is not a problem.

3.      Easy to Clean

Cleaning your bathtub and normal shower can be such a hassle. There are so many nooks and corners that have to be scrubbed. Walk-in showers eliminate the need for scrubbing and trying to get the water stains off. All you need to clean are 3walls and a floor! No moving parts, trays etc. that need to be cleaned.

4.      Gives a Luxurious Finish

Minimal look and clean lines – this is what a walk-in shower is all about. It is no secret that these features give a very luxurious and grand look. So, if you want to make a statement, go for a walk-in shower. The best thing about it is that it is cheaper as compared to other types of showers/ tubs.

5.      Durable

As there is not much to a walk-in shower, it is durable as compared to the other options. There are no moving parts, no tubs, no crevices that can break or be dysfunctional. This makes this type of shower robust, durable, less maintenance and economical.

Disadvantages Of Walk In Showers

Where there are advantages, we do see some disadvantages of Walk-in showers. These are discussed below.

1.       No Privacy

A walk-in shower does not offer much privacy. There are no doors and no curtains. This might leave some people feeling a little too much exposed. Moreover, if you are sharing the bathroom with roommates or multiple family members using the same bathroom, you might feel too exposed and weird.

Designing Tip: To be honest, this is not much of a drawback. If you are not comfortable, you can always add in curtains, drapes or even a colored glass door so that no one can see inside the shower from outside.

2.      Water Leakage in the Bathroom

A true disadvantage can be the water leakage in the rest of the bathroom. This can be a problem. No tub wall, no door or no curb can result in water entering the rest of the bathroom. Some people claim that this is the only reason which makes them stay away from a walk-in shower. But it does not have to be this way.

Designing Tip: There is an easy way out of this. The trick is to get hold of a good interior designer. Good designers know to make a slope on the floor of the walk-in shower. It is so small that you can hardly see a slope with the naked eye. But this is what makes the water go towards the drain and not the rest of the bathroom.


Walk-in showers are going to be an excellent addition to your bathroom. They are affordable, ergonomic, durable, and robust and give a luxurious feel to the bathroom. What more do you want? Get your hands on an interior designer today and get down to work!