Spanish Designed Style Home – Amazing Flair

The Spanish Design takes inspiration from the Mediterranean Design. When it comes to romance and warmth, no other interior design comes before the Spanish-style home décor. It is clean, elegant, and warm and takes you back in time without boring. The Spanish homes are a mixture of many different home styles and are also called Spanish Electric for this very reason.

Over time, like all the other design styles, the Spanish style décor has also seen changes. To keep it modern and practical, design elements tend to change. But certain elements make the design unique. Without these, a house can't be known as a Spanish Design home. These elements are as follows:

·       Stucco siding

·       Low-lying roof

·       Arches positioned mostly above the doors, hallways, porch, and even the main entrance.

·       Mostly the roof tiles are red or give the impression of bricks.

·       Not many eaves. There are very little or none of them.

As you can see, these distinct features make the Spanish design different from the rest of the designs. You might not find all of these under one roof, but most of them will be present in a house. Other distinct elements of a Spanish home are a flat or hipped roof. They mostly have an asymmetrical shape with side wings and cross-gables. You will see a lot of carvings, courtyards, and patterns on the wall and tiled floors.

5 Tips to Make a Spanish Styled Home

So, how can you incorporate these in your house and make a Spanish style interior and the exterior? Follow the tips given below to make your Spanish home-style without major changes.

1. Color– Bring the Coastline Home

The color palette is coastline inspired. That is where the warmth and coziness of the house come from. Colors like whites, blues, browns, and greens are used. The colors that make a home Spanish are terracotta oranges and reds. Mixing and matching are the keys to a flawless and jaw-dropping result.

Designing Tip: Go for terracotta orange tiles for your living room. Make the walls cerulean blue and see how well they go together. Add in a few carved ornaments, and your living room will truly take on the Spanish design style.

2. Use Stone and Ceramics

The use of ceramics and stone is very common in Spanish design. Other additions like candle holders, iron pieces, carved panels, and pottery can be used here and there to make the home look unique. You will also find a lot of copper accents.

Designing Tip: Add a wrought iron hat stand or a huge copper candle holder on one side of the living room (the one we discussed above). It will gel in well with the terracotta orange and cerulean blue walls.

3. Walls– Let Them Speak For Themselves

The walls are a focal point in Spanish home design. Heavily textured walls are big YES. For this reason, walls made of plaster and stucco are incorporated. This also gives a stunning visual depth to the entire room. Add in either wrought iron grilles or woven tapestries for a touch of elegance.

If you are going for textured walls, keep the accessories to a minimum. The trick is to keep the attention on the walls.

Designing Tip: If you have textured walls, add a few large items. Don't scatter them around the room. Please keep them in one place, e.g., vases, urns, pots, and planters. They should be kept in one corner near the wall.

4. WoodBeam – Flaunt them!

Add oversized wood beams in the dining or living room and flaunt them. It will make your room look aged and traditional without boring. It will look Spanish and modern both.

Spanish style home design kitchen remodel options

Who said traditional had to be boring, right? The best thing about Spanish-style home décor is its ability to mix well with other designs. You don't need to blindly follow all the Spanish design elements. You can infuse a few elements in your home style and make it unique.

Incorporate the style's textures, colors, and materials to add personality, warmth, and dimension to your space. Keeping the uniqueness of your home, allow the design style to give richness and warmth to your surroundings.