Why Is Scandinavian Home Design Style So Popular?

After every few years, the interior design industry sees a new design style taking over. The styles come, gain their peak, and fade away. The same is the case with most of the trends. Everywhere you look, you will see a particular trend or design. After a few months (or days at times) you can hardly see that design anywhere. It goes away as quickly as it comes.

The past years have seen different designs from electric bohemian to mid-century modern to even farmhouse design. They gain prominence for some time. One design style that has been seen to stay put and is every green is the Scandinavian Design.

History of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is the name of a movement that not only influenced the interior design industry but others too. From architecture to product design, it has made a deep impact on industries. It started from the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland and gained popularity in the 1950s.

The reason for its popularity was the functionality and minimalism it offered. This is why it is still popular all over the world. It is a solution to simple living.

modern scandinavian home design style with greenery throughout the home

What Are Elements of Scandinavian Design?

The main elements of the design are simplicity, craftsmanship, and functionality. The focus is entirely on minimalistic elements. You will see many natural materials being used like ash, wool, beech, leather, glass, and linen textiles. Some designs make use of bold colors but mostly, it has a very understated appearance. Other important elements of the Scandinavian home design include:

  • Neutral and light colors
  • Minimalistic design
  • High functionality
  • Dark, muted hues look like being in the Nordic landscape.
  • spaces that are light and airy
  • Wood accents and furniture
  • Pendant lights
  • Tactile and plush sofa
  • A lot of greenery
  • Flexible and multifunctional designs
  • Use of copper, brass, and steel
  • Showcasing artwork

What Colors Are Used In Scandinavian Style Design?

Designers have different takes on the Scandinavian style design. The design can be coupled with other style designs to give an entirely new look. Whatever the case is, the general color, design, and feature scheme of the design are constant. The Nordic color palette is used. The most popular colors are off-white, white, and grey. These are coupled with streaks of green and blue. To give a bolder contrast, darker colors can be used.

Another combination is using cream and beige hues along with colors like brown. This is good for the interior of the house.

scandinavian home design style table design colors

Why Is Scandinavian Design So Popular?

The foundation of Scandinavian design is to create harmony between the person and the environment. There is little to no consumerism and the home environment is filled with only high-quality items that give a clean, natural, and minimalist look.  The Scandinavian design is focused on including more natural elements in the house. This allows the people to be close to nature and realize the problems of consumerism.

What Wood Is Used In Scandinavian Design Element?

The most popular wood used in the Scandinavian Design Element is pine, ask, and beech. As you might have noticed, these are all light in color. They have a very subtle grain and look exquisite and luxurious.


Scandinavian design has made an impact on different interior designers and architects for more than a century. The design has outlived its competitors because it is a blend of aesthetic beauty, comfort, and function, making it timeless, classic, and ever-green. It is the epitome of comfort and simplicity. For people who are tired of the fast-paced life, opting for a Scandinavian design can help slow things down.