Modern Home Design Styles

The California modern home design delivers a relaxed style of home that welcomes you into its comfortable, personal spaces. The latest contemporary designs capture a functional utility in metal and concrete integrated with the yesteryear charm of timber, stone, and tiles. Large plate-glass windows and asymmetrical geometric shapes dominate imposing facades while the architecture of the modern house design is a creative infusion of the past with the contemporary. And it works!

Specific elements blended artfully together into a compelling modern statement include:

·       Flat rooflines

·       Geometric angles

·       Flowing open floor plans

·       Integrated outdoor living spaces

·       Glass, steel, and concrete materials

·       Decoration delivered by texture finishes

·       Organic contrasts with timber or stone


The modern homeowner is looking for spacious open floor plans that connect living and functional areas in a fluid and logical way. An easy flow from the interior to the outdoors is a prevailing characteristic that invites nature and the outdoors into the home and provides the enjoyment of outdoor living and entertainment by the occupants.

The architect will incorporate a contrasting but complementary mix of materials like glass and steel moderated with timber or stone finishes to seamlessly blend the modern with the organic. Sleek, minimal sloping roofs favoring the low-pitch look, is also a popular defining feature of the modern house design. There is a strong push towards sustainable building practices and sustainable building designs that utilize features of the environment to reduce the carbon footprint. Natural lighting is a dominant requirement of the modern house design, with large areas of glass flooding the interior with light, and the clever use of skylights.

Often closely aligned with the Modern Rustic design, the central features of both styles of home often show an overlap in style elements. The easy-going feel of the modern house design is achieved not only with the flowing spatial arrangements of the floor plan but with a characteristic modern interior design that complements the building’s structure.

modern home design style with coastal look including white cabinets and rustic brown finishes

Modern House Interior Design

To create the approachable feel of a modern house design, the homeowner can mix collections of both modern and pre-loved furniture, artwork, and furnishings that speak of a lived-in history, or even include pieces that come from a flea market. The mixing of interior elements from different eras and contrasting shapes and textures which create unique points of interest, become statements of the owner’s personality.

Dominating features of the modern interior design theme include style aspects like:

·       Natural, organic textures

·       Modern, comfortable furniture

·       Simple, functional furniture

·       Earthy, neutral palette

·       Wood tones

·       Darker accent tones

·       Modern, sculpted shapes


To achieve the calm, easy going feel of the California modern design, an emphasis on contrasting colors and textures will help bring to life a sense of both the rustic and modern style elements. Choose a white backdrop palette with the inviting warm tones of timber furniture in the kitchen and dining room, modernized with the latest in practical decorative elements like mirrors, lamps, and metallic light fittings.

A solid timber table with chunky timber legs paired with the latest design in stylish chairs will deliver that laid-back feel. The modern kitchen can feature the latest design idea stoned back to a relaxed, easy-going ambiance with colonial brass cabinetry handles. Contrast metal weaved fruit baskets with woven fiber bread baskets for that eclectic, new-world old-world statement.

A warm, earth-toned rug over the latest in vinyl plank flooring spells a modern stylish ambiance with an old-world feel. Textured rugs can bring tactile depth and add touches of character to a muted color palette, delivering vibrant color splashes that both blend and contrast. Try the timeless pizzazz of terrazzo tiles in the entry or on the front porch to create a sense of modern antiquity. They also offer a welcome cooling effect in California’s hot weather. Team terrazzo tiling with marble features used as wall accents or as columns that can define outdoor spaces without putting up walls. Add a bamboo daybed to the outdoor tiled space to capture that lazy, relaxed coastal feel.

The focus of the modern house design is on comfort and providing a welcoming, cozy feel. Furniture needs to be inviting, with modern lines balancing the rustic finishes of the side tables and lamps or throws rugs reflecting a Southern Californian Spanish influence, and various collected items and knick-knacks.

With a workable contrast in the color palette, and by employing a mix of materials and textures, the home presents as that nonchalant juxtaposition of the modern and rustic styles that epitomize the best of laid-back West Coast living. All of the elements can come together to create a complementary balance between the two styles to create that modern house design vibe.