Modern Farmhouse Home Design

The modern farmhouse design style is a nostalgic tilt at bygone days when Californian families lived on the land in their traditional homesteads. Present-day homes built in the classic style of that era have the look and feel of yesteryear but enjoy all the comforts of today. There is something welcoming about this popular design, characterized by warm earthy colors and naturally aged wood and organic textures. Its simplicity is timeless and inviting with that comfortable, lived-in appeal. The image of an old-fashioned homestead conjures feelings of a slower pace of living in wide-open spaces, and time spent with friends and family. The modern farmhouse vibe invokes a yearning for a simpler time, a feeling of homeliness, a wholesome lifestyle.

While drawing its bones from historical designs, it remains a theme that is timeless and fresh. This style of home is still undeniably popular right into the present day and looks set to endure. There has been an evolution from those early settler days to the latest contemporary designs that preserve the best of the past and blend those historic elements with state-of-the-art current trends in housing. The result is a pleasing, big-hearted farmhouse vibe that projects a simplified, minimalist approach to wholesome homestead living.

The Homestead Feel is Preserved with Modern Farmhouse Decor

The modern farmhouse building design goes hand-in-hand with the loving preservation of key elements of the farmhouse interior décor. To echo the pioneering style of the original settler's homestead, modern farmhouse décor also borrows heavily from the past.

Farmhouse Decor & Design Style

The organic feel of the great outdoors is celebrated in modern farmhouse design styles with the inclusion of many timber building features, such as:

·      Timber paneled walls

·      Timber plank floors

·      Exposed timber beams

·      Trims and finishes, like butcher block countertops

·      Sliding wooden barn doors

·      Wide timber architraves and skirting boards

·      Wooden picture rails


These timeless building features are often accompanied by farmhouse interior décors like solid timber furniture and accents. In addition, the trademark elements of traditional farmhouse features can be captured with furnishings and fittings with that classic, rustic feel. Popular historic décor elements can include:

·      Big apron sinks

·      Vintage or aged furniture

·      Traditional textured furnishings

·      Old-style light fittings and lamps

·      Vintage-style doorknobs and locks

·      Traditional fabrics and colors

·      Classic old-style wallpapers and window covers

·      Bronze or copper pots, basketry, and planters

·      Stone fireplaces with stacked sawn logs


Modernizing Farmhouse Design

The modern farmhouse design incorporates the relaxed characteristics typical of the old homestead and adds the latest touches for an overall feel that fits today’s pace of living. The use of contemporary décor elements, with ‘now’ features like stainless steel appliances and up-to-the-minute lighting, creates a sophisticated blend of rustic and new. Furniture and furnishings should be practical and comfortable, made with natural materials, and arranged in an uncluttered setting. Don’t be afraid to use natural materials like distressed wood on furniture and natural fibers like wicker and cotton alongside the latest finishes. Mix these organic elements with stainless steel and ceramic tiling for a modern farmhouse living room and kitchen that look stylish and current. To create that modern farmhouse look, simply blend the old with the new, mixing the natural, organic characteristics of the settler's homestead with sleek, clean lines and the latest neutral tones. For that contemporary aesthetic, team warm distressed timber with cool industrial style lighting fixtures in iron or stainless steel and set authentic vintage furniture alongside stylish current pieces.

Apron Sinks and Vintage Lighting

Draw central elements from the homesteads of the early settlers and mimic the feel of days gone by to add a classic farmhouse style to your home. For a modern twist on the big apron sink, choose a stainless-steel sink in place of porcelain to blend touches of modern influence in your farmhouse décor. Another sure way to capture the look is with the newest lighting fashioned to mimic vintage styles. Traditional farmhouse lighting has that solid, weathered look that adds interest and authenticity. Try metallic coach lamps with glass panels, metal lantern wall sconces, or lamps hung from hooks at the external doors.

Fixtures, Hooks and Doorknobs

Incorporate utilitarian fixtures and fitting style after a bygone era, like rows of iron hooks or pegs for coats and hats at the entry doors. Team open shelving with open weave baskets made of natural materials, which are not only attractive but functional. Collect the eggs in wire baskets with wooden handles or simply set these classic farmhouse baskets on the counter as a decorative statement.

For that old-fashioned settler charm, choose nostalgic doorknobs to make a farmhouse homestead-style statement. Choose from classic options in old-style doorknobs mounted on antique brass plates, like the white porcelain knob or the crystal glass knob. To blend the latest trends in cabinetry with genuine farmhouse interior finishes, just add traditional catches and handles like latch hook sets or antique brass cup pulls.

 Artwork & Accessories

When blending traditional and contemporary finishes to create a modern farmhouse décor, don’t overlook the little touches. A collection of traditional accessories and artwork can help curate the aesthetics of your intended design. Pull the look together with lovely, timeless pieces that speak for themselves. Something as simple as a wooden blanket ladder can lend authenticity to a farmhouse bedroom. Select artwork that has rustic appeal or vintage framing and tells a story to create a nostalgic peek at a bygone era

 Incorporate Dishware Into Your Design

Your choice of metal-framed bedsteads and bedclothes can mimic the style of the early settlers and even your selection of dishes, cooking pans, mason jars, pitchers and napkins can capture the charm of the modern farmhouse design. This attention to detail is the key to preserving the style of the Californian settlers who conquered the prairies and carved out a future in their prairie homes.

The modern farmhouse design style is not difficult to replicate. The spacious, functional lifestyle it promotes will always be a favorite with the homeowners of today and will most assuredly endure on into the future.