Decorate With Less- Minimalist Decor and Design Styles

Clear straight lines, less clutter, monochromatic, reductive, and simple design – these are just some of the things that cross your mind when you think about the minimalism design, right?  Minimalist decor focuses on the concept of “less is more”. This does not mean that you just add a few pieces of furniture against a white or gray backdrop and that it is.

The year 2021 has bought a revolution in interior designing and the luxury minimalist design is hands down the most prevalent right now. People are choosing less but accessories and furniture that have a luxury touch. Purer materials and handcrafted pieces are the top favorites.

Today, we are going to talk about how to achieve a luxury minimalist decor and design in the house. The most important thing to remember here is that in minimalist design, a less crowded space means that the pieces would attract more attention and need to do justice to the style.

Start With A Neutral Base

Base color plays a big role in getting that right minimalistic interior. To get that calm, Zen, and serene look, go for subdued hues. Hues like biscuit and grey and everything in between is a go-ahead. White is an excellent option but needs to be chosen very carefully. To get a creamier and warmer tone, go for a yellow undertone to the white. For a crispier look, go for a white with a blue undertone.

The colors to go for are earth-tone browns, tans, blues, and greens to go well with the neutral tones.

Minimalist Art Sometimes Means Magnificent Art

Even though some people might argue that having oversize art as a decoration piece does not go with the essence of a minimalist design. The trick is to go for a single piece while maintaining modern, simple furniture all around. Go for masculine space and add a colorful, feminine piece of art. The fun thing about minimalistic art is how special the piece you choose ends up becoming. Because you are choosing just one or two pieces for your space, you end up taking extra care in deciding what piece speaks to you and your space. Which, after all, is what makes an art collection so special- the individuality of taste.

minimalism living art design decor

Go For Simple Furniture

To achieve luxury minimalism, go for simple furniture with clean lines. Downplay on the furniture and let the other things do the talking. Let the art take center stage to give that elegant, luxurious look.

This means going for neutral tones and not adding anything extra. Don’t go for extravagant sofa sets or big oversized chairs. Keeping it simple is going to give you the element of luxury in the house. This is not to say your entire room should look empty and elicit echoes throughout the home. Adding an oversized rug with slight pops of color is more than appropriate for those who so desire more the neutral tones. Try to stick to a single-color choice to maintain a minimal vibe throughout the space.

Open Space

Leave a lot of empty space. You might be tempted to fill the open space up with furniture just for the sake of filling it up. Having a lot of open space is the key to achieving a minimalist design. Relax and enjoy the space. There are many benefits to it. You can use that space for relaxing or for yoga or something. A rule of thumb is to only add the “bare essentials”, but to make sure those essentials are carefully chosen. The key is surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy.

Make Use of Multifarious Materials

You don’t need to stick with just wood or metal. There are so many materials that you can play around with. Our suggestion is to keep the color palette muted and light. The texture should be added by playing with materials. Incorporate materials like pottery, glass, timber, canvas, and cloth to make your design stand out.

In a nutshell, luxury minimalist living is all about the marriage of function and form. The easiest way to achieve it is by adding texture to a muted background. Don’t go overboard with decorations and furniture. Remember that the theme is to leave more open spaces and stop yourself from over-decorating.

With our guide, you can come out of the tag of a common minimalist design. You don’t need to be boring. Stand out from the crowd and make your home talk of the town without spending an arm and leg.