Luxury Marble Bathroom Design Options

Using marble in your bathroom creates an unmatched luxury statement. Simply put, marble is gorgeous, timeless and elegant. It is undeniable that the wow factor of this classic finish will add value to your property. A "tried and true" strategy is to use marble to tile your bathroom floor, but its applications only start there. The inclusion of marble anywhere in your bathroom décor can be guaranteed to enhance the impact of your bathroom. Marble tiling to the walls adds a factor of glamour unachievable by any other material.

All over marble is one way to finish your bathroom but there are more subtle ways to incorporate this beautiful product that may deliver even greater visual impact. You may choose to use less marble in your design but by opting for the dramatic effect of vein marble, the impact may be greater than if you chose the softer more subtle version. Alternatively, your design could incorporate a visceral contrast by using black marble with white. A step further could see the tasteful inclusion of nothing but black marble to highlight a white counter and bathtub, for a courageous and stunning result.

Marble design options for a striking contrast

While marble can appear luxuriously understated it always accentuates the opulence of a modern bathroom style. Marble, like granite, does come in many different color variations and blends so you are not confined to just plain white. For a contrasting effect, try including different colored marble elements in your bathroom, like white with brown veins teamed with white with grey veins. Employing the different marble color options in your bathroom, teamed with any of the different grout combinations will deliver a marvelous statement of individuality.

Further contrasts can be achieved by using marble tiles of different dimensions and shapes in different areas of the bathroom. Inventive modern approaches include the use of marble as subway wall tiles, or in a herringbone pattern on the floor or on the walls. Depending on the effect you are seeking, you can use a dark grout to create a sharp, crisp result or you could blend the subway pattern with matching grout for a smooth all-over luxe effect. You could choose extra-large floor tiles to complement the wall tiles. Using large floor tiles that continue uninterrupted into the shower stall opens up the space and suggests a seamless flow and movement between spaces.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble?

Marble is a classic choice to deliver a luxurious bathroom design. It will never go out of style. Authentic marble tiles have an unmatched beauty that no other finish can approach. It is a natural material that is quite easy to work with. Marble is one of the softer stones that can easily be milled or machined and tumbled which permits multiple end uses. Due to its timeless beauty and prestigious reputation, marble has been used by the wealthy, titled and privileged classes throughout the ages to adorn their castles, churches and mansions as a show of status. However, today, we can all enjoy its allure in our bathrooms.

There are, however, some disadvantages to this natural material. Marble needs special care to keep it pristine since it can easily stain and scratch.  The surface can be etched by acidic substances and cleaning products and being soft it is also very absorbent. Youneed to watch out for hair dye and any bathroom products that may cause stains.  It is sealed against moisture damage and must be resealed on an annual basis to maintain this protection. Not only that, it's not a renewable resource. Worldwide, marble resources are diminishing and finding quality marble for construction is becoming challenging.

Luxury marble bathrooms on a budget

While marble looks stunning when used wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, on all surfaces in a bathroom, it may prove too expensive to be practical. However, marble still looks wonderful when it is used more as an accent in a bathroom. Your bathroom design will look enviably stylish with marble appearing in prominent locations like on the steps into a spa bath or on the bathroom counter. Creative design can deliver the same wow-factor with a marble half wall, with just the lower half of the wall sheathed in marble that still delivers a wrap-around effect.

Marble is ideal to use with a crisp white bathtub, either as the top tiles around the built-in tub or perhaps as the tiles down the front of the bath, to make a stunning centerpiece for your bathroom. Alternatively, you could just use marble tiles inside the shower for that luxe impact. With a clear glass shower screen and shiny nickel fixtures, the combination is perfect.

Luxury marble bathrooms with winning material combinations

For great marble design options, you could team marble walls and floors with a warm timber vanity to soften the coolness of the all-marble effect. Combining timber finishes with marble accents in a bathroom delivers an opulent sense of style.  It avoids the risk of a clinical white effect from wrap-around marble while working to emphasize the dazzling loveliness of the marble accents. Featuring just the vanity splash back and the shower wall tiles in marble will still add allure and luxury to your bathroom design. Or you may prefer just a single floor-to-ceiling feature wall in marble, coupled with a marble countertop for that luxe effect.

If you cannot afford an entire bathroom sheathed in genuine Italian marble you could opt to substitute some areas with an engineered stone or even a quality porcelain tile for that similar effect. Porcelain tiles are an excellent, durable alternative to complement your marble finishes. Alternatively, you could team your marble accents with a beautiful natural stone tile made of travertine. Not only does travertine give that luxurious result, it is a very durable material that is easily cut and shaped, though like marble, it also needs to be sealed for protection. With a combination of marble and travertine or porcelain tiles, your bathroom design will be sure to deliver the lasting beauty you deserve.