Luxury Bathtubs- Know Your Options!

A warm water bath helps you relax after a hectic day at work. People add a pinch of salt in warm water to help relax the body. Imagine that you are in the Ritz and soaking in a luxurious bathtub. How amazing is it? Now, if you can recreate the same feeling at home? How cool will it be? No more longing for a night in the hotel to get that feeling again.

You can always add a luxurious bathtub to your house. There are many options in the market. The issue is the plethora of options available. Selecting the best one can become a hassle for people. Out of all the bathtub options, we have selected the best. These are not only the most luxurious ones but the most practical ones as well.

5 Luxury Bathtub Options to Choose From

1. The Diamond Bathtub

If you want to turn heads, go for the diamond bathtub. No, it is not made of diamonds (even though I can swear the celebrities might have them on their diamond bathtub). It is a wooden structure. It is finished off with a black varnish. A lot of glossy varnishes is added to it. The rim is gold-plated and has a gloss varnish as well.

The high-gloss jet black and golden complement each other perfectly. The tub is oval and built in. So, why does it have the name diamond bathtub? The reason is its shape. On the outside, it is irregularly shaped just like a diamond is. On the inside, it is oval. It is deep enough to give you a comfortable soak.

Tip: The diamond bathtub goes very well with a dark-colored bathroom. If you are thinking of installing a diamond bathtub, make sure the entire bathroom is a darker shade to make it stand out.

2. The Claw Foot Bathtub

The clawfoot tub is a freestanding tub that stands alone on 4 feet. That is not what they are all about. Some people are reluctant to install it as they think it is “boring”. A tub standing alone in the bathroom might not look good, right? This is a misconception. The clawfoot bathtub offers so much more. The feet come in multiple designs and styles. This helps you change your bathroom’s aesthetics in a jiffy. These tubs are mostly made of cast iron, porcelain, acrylic and copper.

Tip: If you are not fond of extra work, you might not want a claw foot bathtub. They require extra cleaning, and you need to have a stand for soap and shampoo nearby as there is no place to put it on a clawfoot bathtub.

3. Whirlpool Tub

Many people confuse a Jacuzzi with a whirlpool tub. A whirlpool tub is a jetted tub that has self-places water jets. These help massage and relax the muscles. Either air or waterpower these jets. It gives the body a therapeutic soak. They require more space and have a greater water capacity. They require a bigger bathroom than normal.

A whirlpool bathtub has anything from 6 to 8 jets in total. These are positioned at crucial points inside the bathtub. These hit the exact spot on a person's body and help the muscles relax. An electric pump pumps the water through the jets.

Tip: Even though they come in different sizes and shapes, don’t go for the smaller options. The tub should be big enough that a person can sit in it upright. That will allow the person to get all the advantages of the whirlpool.

4. Soaking Tub

Simplicity and exclusiveness go hand in hand. A soaking tub is the perfect example of it. It is freestanding and mostly comes in an oval shape. People often confuse it with a normal freestanding tub. The difference between the two is only the difference in depth. In the normal bathtub, your body does not immerse completely in water. Yes, we know how your knees or arms are exposed.

A soaking tub is supposed to be very deep. The concept is to cover the entire body with water. Therefore, they are very therapeutic. This allows the muscles to relax just like a Jacuzzi or hot tub. The depth of a soaking tub can be around 3 feet. Whereas a normal tub is only 1 foot deep.

5. Bluetooth Bathtub

You can see the effects of technology everywhere. A luxury bathtub is also influenced by technology. The sound wave Bluetooth bathtub is a stereo-equipped basin. It has integrated Bluetooth speakers. This allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone while you are having a bath.


When it comes to bathtub options, there are many. This article covers the most luxurious and affordable ones. Another thing about these 5 options is that these tubs are compatible with any sort of bathroom. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and select one today to "amp up" your bathroom!