Luxury Bathroom Features

Bathroom Features That Scream Luxury

Ever seen a bathroom that makes you say, “WOW” and wonder how you can add luxury to your bathroom as well? I think we all know at first glance what a luxurious bathroom looks like. It has a lot of expensive materials, is spacious, and has those accent details that pull the space together. Luxury bathrooms are what dreams are made of. Stepping into a spa-like experience everything you take a dip in the tub, feel the steamy streams of water hit you from all directions when you take a shower, and feel like royalty when you sit at your oversized vanity with Hollywood lights surrounding your mirror. There are so many options on the market as far as features go. With the right setup, your bathroom has the possibility of turning into your favorite room in the house.

Today, we will be discussing the top 10 luxury bathroom features that are going to scream luxury when you look at them.  

Minimalism Makes It Spacious

The first thing that makes a bathroom look super luxurious is ample space. Don’t have that much space? Don’t worry. You don’t technically need physical space to make a bathroom look spacious. You can also create an illusion of a space being spacious. You can follow a minimalist design and incorporate features that make your bathroom look bigger than it is.  

The View

Most bathrooms don’t usually have a view. The windows are small, and you can hardly see outside due to either the height of the window or even the window itself being frosted. Most people don’t have big windows due to privacy reasons. So, when we come across a bathroom with a view, it makes it look luxurious. It can be achieved by having big windows, full-length ones are the best. To compensate for the lack of privacy, you might consider adding shutters. Gives you the option of how exposed you are to the outside world.

Free Standing Tub

A free-standing is a timeless luxury. The best thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of space to incorporate it into your bathroom. Plus, it can go with any bathroom design without looking bad. It can be used as an understated look by placing it in the corner. Or it can be used as a statement piece in the middle of the bathroom (standing alone in all its glory).

If a freestanding tub is just not your style, there are so many luxurious bathtub options available to you. And they come in all shapes, and sizes, and are equipped with various features.

Shiny Features

Add a little bling and dazzle to the bathroom and see how your bathroom glows. A few shiny features here and there will bring out a truly eye-catching look. The hardware you choose to add to your sink, bathtub, and cabinets can truly change the way the entire space looks. Clean and shiny is what makes a bathroom look luxurious and incorporating subtle touches of shine throughout the space will do the trick nicely.

shiny hardware clean white marble shower luxury bathroom features

Ornate details

Certain things make a bathroom look expensive and others make it look cheap. Going for the right ornamental details can give the bathroom a truly luxurious look. A mirror or an accent chair in the bathroom can do the trick too.


A blend of textures can bring out the look of the bathroom. You can mix and match textures for a grand look. Marble walls, shiny floor tiles, and perhaps matching the hardware to the grout. By maintaining a clean aesthetic and incorporating different textures and shapes throughout the room, you will stay away from dullness and find yourself with a beautifully designed space that is easily maintained.

Accent Lighting

Lighting, if done right, can affect the ambiance of your bathroom. Light can be used both ways. First, a lot of natural light can be a luxury. There are different ways you can include natural light in the bathroom. Such as a skylight, multiple windows throughout the bathroom, and even one giant window. If privacy is a concern, there are many different ways you can frost the glass so onlooking will be of no issue. If that is not an option, you can go for accent, and subtle lighting.  It can give a similar effect as natural lighting. This will also give you more room to add design to the space by choosing lighting fixtures that embolden the room and showcase your personal taste.

modern luxury bathroom features skylight and free standing tub

Decorative Wall Art

Dedicating a wall in the bathroom for decorative purposes looks very classy. You can add a big piece of art to the wall. Just be sure not to place it somewhere which can get water drops or you can end up ruining it.

Luxury Materials

What better way to make your bathroom look luxurious than including actual luxury materials? Marble and Onyx are the top 2 materials that can be used. The next step is deciding on grout color and tile design to add some pop to

Nature-inspired Décor

Adding a few plants (fresh or dry) gives a very luxurious look to the bathroom. It feels like you are bathing in nature. The fragrance of the flowers and nature can be enhanced by adding a few drops of fragrant oils to a diffuser.

If any one of these elements is present in a bathroom, it is going to look luxurious. Not all of them require big investments.