How To Create Privacy With A Large Bathroom Window

Want to keep the sunlight coming in while prying eyes out of your bathroom? No, you don’t need to board up your bathroom windows. Undoubtedly, bathroom windows are an excellent source of letting natural light inside your bathroom. But they can also turn into a nightmare if you are worried about privacy. You can’t stop people from looking in, can you?

A bathroom with a view is the ultimate relaxation one needs. After a hectic day at work, sitting in the tub enjoying a cozy bath while looking at the world is relaxing. Adding privacy to your bathroom is important. The good news is that it is also very easy. There are many different ways to create privacy with a large window.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the bathroom gets wet. Even though you will not be getting water on the bathroom window, moisture is there. So, you want to go for a moisture-resistant material. No one wants mildew in the bathroom, right?

6 Ways to Create Privacy with a Large Bathroom Window

Frosted Windows

One of the most affordable, easy to do and quick methods to ensure privacy in the bathroom is going for frosted windows. They are amazing as they allow natural light to enter the bathroom while obscuring the view from outside.  It hardly takes a day to install and is one of the most inexpensive methods on our list. Moreover, it has variety, and you can achieve frosting through the following methods.

  • Static Cling Film: This is a temporary option. With the help of cling film, you can frost your windows. This is fun to do at home and easy. All you need is a clean window and the right materials, and you can do it.
  • Spray Paint: It is a semi-permanent solution and again, easy to do. All you need is a good frosted glass spray paint and you are good to go. Removing it with a glass scraper is also possible.
  • Etching: In this technique, you can remove a thin layer of glass permanently to give a frosted look.

Semi-Opaque Glass

If you are building or renovating a house, go for semi-opaque windows. This is a permanent solution to ensure your bathroom remains a private place. Remember, this is a good option if you are not worried too much about preserving the outside view of the bathroom.


Want to control how much privacy you need in the shower? It is possible if you install shades in front of the bathroom window. There is so much variety in the market when it comes to shades. From the simple ones to elegant ones like Roman shades, you can find everything. Depending on your taste and budget, select the one you like.

Most people have shades and blinds in rooms around the house. Including them in your bathroom also allows you to create a very cohesive look.


Some people confuse shades and shutters. They are not the same. Shutters allow you to give a more traditional look to the bathroom. Moreover, you can stain them to a color that matches the rest of the bathroom. Wooden shutters are an excellent option to invest in. They are dual-purpose. They give excellent protection against harsh weather like cold winters, strong winds and extreme heat.

Pro Tip: Don’t get stained wood shutters as that causes warping.

Double-sided Mirror Window Film

If you want to preserve the outside view, go for a double-sided mirror window film. Voila! Your bathroom window is now a tinted mirror! You can see outside but nobody can see inside.

Window Curtains

A timeless addition to the bathroom windows is curtains. They NEVER go out of fashion and you can hardly ever go wrong with them. The right curtains won’t block out too much light either.  

Pro Tip: Don’t go for drapes. Even though they look like curtains and have more or less the same function, they won’t be a wise choice. Most drapery skims the floor and that is not good in a bathroom. Additionally, it blocks out a lot of natural light and will make the bathroom dark. It is also mildew prone.

As you can see, there are many options for making sure you get the desired amount of privacy in your bathroom if you have a large window. None of the methods discussed above are expensive and out of budget for the common man. The best window treatment depends on the type and style of the window you have, your budget, the degree of privacy you need and of course, your preference.