How To Achieve A Proper Zen Garden

Many people seek refuge from their hectic routine at home. Sitting in the backyard with a cup of coffee, a book in hand, legs up, and nature in front is all that they need to relax. How amazing would it be if we told you that you could transform your yard into a luxury Zen Garden? Yes, a dedicated space for you where you can unwind after an office day. There are still some people who are unaware of the concept of a Zen Garden. The reason is that you don't see it in typical homes.

What Is A Zen Garden?

A Zen Garden, also called Kare Sansui, is a dry minimalist landscape. It is made up of natural elements like sand, rock, wood, and gravel and does not have any water. The concept is to give a very earthly vibe. It hardly has any plants in it. Apart from the natural elements, it includes statuary and stone lanterns, bridges, cross overs and is enclosed in a fence or wall. These elements are universal, and the garden is the same all year round.

The concept of Zen Gardens emerges from the Buddhist monks. They developed them as a ground for meditation. This shows that Zen Gardens were MADE to help the human mind and body relax, rejuvenate and refresh. You don't need to have a vast space to create a Zen Garden. A few simple tweaks and additions here and there are all you need.

zen garden with stone lantern and bamboo

5 Tips to Transform Your Yard into a Luxury Zen Garden

Do Proper Research

The first thing you need to do is conduct proper research. Zen Gardens are not a very common concept. You would hardly have seen a handful of them in your life, right? So, the trick is to know what you want and how it will look like. For that, you need to carry out proper research. You can search the internet, visit Zen Gardens, and look through magazines to get an idea. Once you are done with your research, make a wish board of how the garden will look.

Pick a Spot

Next, you need to pick a spot in your yard. Don't go for the obvious choice. Don't aim to go for the most extensive area. Think and choose wisely. It should be a place (not necessarily prominent) out of the way, preferably a corner. Again, it does not need to be big or cover the entire garden; a small space will do fine.

Get a Mold

To keep the garden neat and clean, opting for a mold to keep sand inside is a good option. A wooden mold is the best option. You can have multiple molds, bigger or smaller, depending on your choice.

Incorporate the Zen Concepts

There are 7 underlying guiding principles of Zen Gardens. Simplicity, austerity, asymmetry, naturalness, subtlety or mystery, unconventional or magic, and stillness are some of the features. You must add all or some of these to your garden to stay true to the concept.

Add Zen Features

There are a few Zen features you can add to your garden. These can be something as simple as a stone lamp or extravagant, like a stone statue. Even simple rock boulders can do the trick.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do to transform your yard into a luxury Zen Garden. Even though you can decorate according to your choice, a few things standard like rocks, gravel, sand, pebbles, etc. that will give that final look to your Zen Garden.