Affordable Way To A Luxury Home Exterior

When it comes to home décor, most people focus on the interior. Every day, you can see new trends emerging in the interior design business. But have you ever stopped and considered the exterior of the house? Yes, everyone wants an amazing interior to stand out from the rest, but what about the exterior? Especially in California, backyards are the place to gather. For so many days of the year our weather allows for outdoor activities, from swimming in the pool to hanging out by the bonfire. Even the front of the home has potential to be a hangout spot if you have the right space and perhaps a front porch swing.

A house that looks inviting and stylish on the inside is going to be of no use if the exterior lacks street appeal and personality. The exterior is the first thing one sees and that NEEDS to give a positive and warm vibe to invite people in. A general misconception is that you need to spend big bucks to get the luxury finish to the exterior.

Today, we will tell you how to achieve a luxury exterior even without taking on a full-scale exterior home remodel. Add flair and elegance with the custom exterior of your liking.

7 Tips to Achieve a Luxury Exterior Remodel

Get A Paint Job

Yes, you don’t know what a simple paint job can do to bring a luxurious look to the exterior of your house. Trust me when I say “Ditch the whites.” It’s high time we stop “playing safe” by going with the traditional whites and greys on the outside

Experimenting within boundaries is the key. Contrasting colors add a pop to the overall look of the house. Red, blue, sharp black, charcoal can be mixed and matched to give an oomph factor. You can go with charcoal doors of the garage and basement, dark planters, and add in bold fixtures.

lantern at the entrance of newly painted home exterior

Lanterns On the Entrance

Lanterns can add definition and depth to the exterior of any house. There are so many options to choose from. All types of houses; modern-chic, traditional, farmhouse, contemporary, etc. can have lanterns hanging outside.

This gives a very welcoming, cozy, and friendly vibe from the house and makes the visitors and onlookers feel welcome.

Water Feature

You don’t need to own a mansion to add a water feature. Most people don’t think beyond swimming pools. The options are many. We don’t even recommend going for features that are going to cost you a lot of money as maintaining and looking after them is a hassle.

On the contrary, you can add very small water features like a patio fountain kit or a small bubbling urn in the front garden. These are excellent for a custom exterior.


Most houses in the city already have a terrace. Even flats and apartments have a terrace but at a much smaller scale. The terrace is also one of the first places that a visitor can see from outside the house. Depending on your taste, you can be over-the-top or keep it subdued.

If you want to go with bold colors, be sure to keep the exterior paint neutral. A very light shade of grey or off-white would do the trick. Use bold colors to decorate your terrace. To give a luxurious look, you can add a hammock. It is excellent for relaxing on a good summer day. Add in huge cushions, a few plants, and flowers for color and you are good to go!

Include A Gate

Have you noticed what most of the luxurious homes have in common? Yes, there are many things but a gate is one of them. The best option is to go for a wood fence or a low masonry that has a cool, heavy-duty metal or wood gate. That is going to give a sense of personality to the house’s exterior. A gate is enough to attract the eye and give a deep feeling to the house.

Add An Arbor

Add a fairy touch to the gate by adding an arbor. If you can find climbing roses, money plants, or any other plant that gives a fragrance, that would be an added advantage. To give the house a magical effect, nestle small lights inside the plantings near the arbor. This will literally “light up” the house at night.

Focus On the Roof

There are some things that you don’t generally tend to notice. But if they are not in the right place, they stand out. The roof is one such thing. Go for just the right hue and material to make your roof practical and luxurious.

So, you can see that small, inexpensive changes here and there can help make you achieve a luxury exterior. All without spending heaps of money in the process!