Floor Plan Characteristics: Traditional-Contemporary-Custom

The orientation of the house, the entire view of the house interior, as well as exterior, collectively describe the concept of the floor plan or house plan. A floor plan is also a measured plan that typically shows the projection of the floor height of 4 ft (1.2m). However, in building engineering and architecture, a floor plan is considered as the technical drawing to scale. It is the view from above that features the relationship between rooms, traffic patterns, and other spaces.

Floor Plan Features Depend On A Variety Of Factors

The dimensions of walls, rooms, open spaces along with specific room sizes, wall lengths, and area size are also included in the floor plan of a house or any building. Moreover, certain features differentiate traditional, contemporary, modern, and custom-made floor plans from one another. All those features depend on:

  • Floor plans
  • House or building structure
  • Cross-section of building
  • Construction method
  • Specific finishes
  • Vertical/ horizontal overview of the house
  • The physical layout of the objects
  • Fixture measurement and allocation
  • Building blocks
  • Roof plans
  • Indoor positioning system
  • Architect’s scale
  • 3D printing & scanning

Traditional Floor Plans

Conventional housing style, design, floor plan, and architecture were quite different from today’s modern architecture and floor plans. Traditional floor plans contain the characteristics and features of older home styles such as:

  • Gables
  • Columns
  • Dormers

Another prominent feature of the traditional floor plan is that the structure boasts another organizational element or mudroom. The floor plan of the conventional housing architecture has prominently divided the spaces with the help of ‘separation of space’ giving you a clutter-free house plan.

Contemporary Floor Plans

Contemporary or modern house/ floor plan is the design of today’s architecture and floor plan. It is composed of two-separate sub-types based on roof shapes: gabled or flat. The flat type roof is a representation of the international style. Therefore, they are also known as the American International style. While the gabled subtype represents the earlier modernism of the Craftsman style.

The modern style floor plans include the features of modern artefacts, stellar view, finish line, Kiley structure; zap style, clear look, Springdale architect, oranges, sunflower, and Bentley modern-type home design. All these contemporary designs and floor plans are considered the best selling, top-rated as well as multi-generational modern single-double story houses.

Customized Floor Plans

There are different companies, engineering housing societies, and architectural organizations that can plan a customized floor plan for you and your family just according to your wishes, requirements, needs, and likeness. Customizable house layouts are available in diverse forms that come with huge blueprints and free modification estimates.

These construction companies or engineers will assist you to draft an appropriate layout of the floor plan according to your suitability. It depends on you whether you want a floor plan for a simple house, luxurious house, farmhouse, spacious and open family area, or a ranch house plan.

Difference between the Traditional, Contemporary, and Custom Floor Plans

When it comes to designing a house or a building, clients always feel confused between the two categories that are:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary

However, some people prefer to build a house or a building in a customizable way. After knowing about the traditional and modern floor plans, typically, people come up with ideas that will offer homeowners unique benefits, features, and characteristics.

Wrapping up!

Once you have decided what type of home/ floor design plan you want, you can start the construction right away. Thus, it depends on you whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or custom-based home design with a specific floor plan.

Changing architecture and floor plans certainly depends on these quickly changing trends, styles, and fashions in a particular period. So, it depends on your understanding of the basics which will further help you create a simple home that turns out to be highly functional.