Design Styles For Your New Bathroom Addition

The best thing about your house is that it is with you forever. Buying a big house is not an option for everyone. Moreover, you don’t know how big your family can get over the years, do you? As your family keeps growing, changing houses again and again is not practical. The biggest problem people face when there are more people around is the lack of bathrooms in the house. The best option in this case is to get a bathroom addition.

There are many options to choose form. To be honest, some bathroom additions are very expensive. To make sure that you don’t end up spending an arm and leg and getting a bathroom addition, you can try one of the following 4 addition design styles. They are going to look good and are super economical.  

4 Bathroom Addition Design Styles

- Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you are someone that likes to enjoy their bathroom time, going for a shabby chic bathroom design style will be a good choice. It is a blend of roughness and softness, masculinity and femininity. To give it a soft touch, you can add flowers and softer shades of colors. To give it the shabby and rough edge, play with vintage furniture or add in rustic pieces.

Usually, we have this misconception that shabby chic has to be expensive. You need to spend thousands of dollars on getting vintage furniture and rustic pieces. That is not the case. You can always downplay it according to your needs. For me, I went to the thrift shop and got an excellent deal on beautiful ruffled up shower curtains. I also got a good deal on the candle stand, cabinet and glass bottles.

- Classic Bathroom Design

Another good design to go for is the classic and traditional bathroom design. It can be made elegant by adding a few luxurious touches to give a soothing and relaxing vibe to the bathroom. The best thing about a classic bathroom is that it is always in trend and is timeless. You don’t need to keep changing it with the changing trends.

There are many ways in which to come up with a classic/traditional bathroom. That is the beauty of it. You can go either way. You can use soft colors like taupe, cream or grey. Or you can go for darker shades like emeralds and plums. Using natural materials like ceramic, marble etc. are preferred.

- Modern Bathroom Design

A modern bathroom is simple, clean and easy to maintain. It focuses on clean, straight lines and geometric shapes. The counter space is uncluttered and gives a peaceful vibe. It is functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. Neutral shades of colors are used.

- Customized Bathroom Design

Customization is always welcome. If you have something in mind, go for a customized bathroom design. This will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd too. Usually, bathrooms have everything lined up against the wall. Try to add something new. You can add an internal wall and have a shower head on one side and a bathtub on the other side of the wall. This will make it new, exciting and refreshing.

Challenges of Bathroom Additions

There are a few challenges you can face when you are thinking of getting an additional bathroom fixture in the house.

·       Finding space to make an additional bathroom or even expanding an old one

·       Breaking concrete is another big issue. Cutting through the concrete pad is very difficult and costs a lot.

·       Finding room for new plumbing is always complicated. Where are the pipes going to go? From where will the water supply come? Is it practical to go ahead and break the walls to make room from pipes? Where will the pipes come and go?

·       Getting hold of a good and reliable designer is imperative. Even if you are designing the bathroom addition yourself, we advise you to run it across a designer first. They will be able to see whether the addition is practical or not.

All these issues are major ones and need to have the proper research done. For this, you need to be sure of the blueprint of the house. Knowing exactly where everything is the key. This is the first thing you do. Once you have decided how the bathroom addition is going to look, get a designer in. Let the designer survey the house and blueprints to give you a clear picture.  

Whichever style you choose, don’t forget to go for a good builder and designer. Making a bathroom addition in the house requires a lot of changes. The entire plumbing needs to be changed. Pipes need to be added. To be sure, you need to hire the best to get the best.