Decor & Accessories To Achieve A Luxury Bathroom Look

For the most pleasing designer theme for your bathroom, ensure you select elegant pieces and accessories made from the best quality, long-lasting materials for that opulent aesthetic. Match fabulous porcelain oil diffusers, trinket dishes, or trinket jars with an ornate lotion dispenser. Or add a cracked crystal toothbrush holder and matching soap dish on 24kt gold-plated solid brass bases, to achieve that sumptuous designer appeal.

Your bathroom can be transformed with the addition of quality soft towels on top brand towel rails or towel ladders. Treat yourself to the luxury of a heated towel rail for that added level of indulgence. Partner your towel accessories with stylish matching robe hooks, chrome and glass shower soap dishes, and a chrome and glass shower shelf. A tired bathroom can be modernized and inspired with instant designer appeal when you add top-quality shower accessories. Such as multi-function showerheads, rain heads, or combo showers. Ensure that you choose a brand that is functional, durable, and tastefully coordinated.

Transform your Bathroom Décor with a Luxury Bathtub

Elegant bathtubs send a statement that bathrooms can be a stylish retreat. Not just for function, but to create serene spaces dedicated to pampering and relaxation. Your bath can be the glamorous centerpiece that commands admiration. Freestanding bathtubs are beacons of style and luxury. They declare your bathroom the ultimate home spa, designed purely for your indulgence. And yet, they are so much more. They are also functional fixtures with a job to do.

In settling on the final design of your luxury bathtub, these days you are spoiled for choice. While freestanding bathtubs are decidedly more expensive than a regular acrylic built-in tub, for the glam that it provides it can be worth the extra investment. You can select from long or short tubs, round or oval, slipper-shaped or rectangular standalone models. They may also be made from your choice of materials either man-made or natural. There is a suitable size or shape to fit whatever space you need to fill, in the center of the room or against a wall. Even small corners can accommodate a dramatic corner bath.

Why do Luxury Bathtubs Make Such a Statement?

Freestanding baths are stylish because of their sleek lines and curves, with softened angles that evoke feelings of tranquility and indulgence. Their flowing curves are inspired by nature. And when they are crafted from something extravagant like silky-smooth marble or limestone, you are transported to the realms of waterfalls and natural grottos, in your private spa retreat. The striking contours of contemporary freestanding baths not only catch the eye but offer a relaxing, immersive experience in the comfort of your home.

Freestanding bathtubs come in many sizes and designs. Some have legs, and some are even egg shaped but they are all style statements that provide a soothing soak. Round bathtubs, for instance, are very comfortable and can be stood almost anywhere in your bathroom. While oval tubs are more aesthetically stylish. Slipper-shaped bathtubs are ergonomically designed and are raised and sloping on either one or both ends. The angle of their backrests makes them very comfortable for soaking in. Corner tubs, on the other hand, can be large and extra deep while not taking up too much room if space is at a premium in your bathroom design. While they may not be freestanding, they can be the most practical solution to a limited floor area, and still deliver that luxe impact.

Express Yourself with Luxurious Bathroom Vanities

Another style statement in your bathroom décor has to be your choice in bathroom vanities. An unusual or dazzling design will instantly draw the eye. Your vanity cabinet can stamp your bathroom décor with the ultimate in contemporary good taste. Modern, geometrical forms can create a bold and decisive appeal, due to their elegant, minimalistic shapes with quality in the details. Along with its sleek style, your vanity cabinetry needs to be sturdily built and offer storage. Try natural timber cabinetry teamed with stone countertops and classic finger pulls for a pleasing deluxe finish.

There are two main vanity cabinet designs, either floor standing or floating models. Floor standing cabinets often have kickboards but for that touch of luxury, you can choose four corner legs instead. This option can grant a classic, vintage look that never goes out of style. Alternatively, for that understated contemporary glam, a wall-hung (floating) vanity will deliver impact. Wall-hung vanities look ultra-modern if they are all drawers, with two or three drawers as wide as the countertop, stacked upon each other.

Luxury bathroom accessories for Your Home Spa

Enjoy your bath experience, soaking in your glamorous freestanding tub. Pamper yourself with a glass of bubbly or a cup of coffee and some delicious snacks while you immerse yourself in the luxury of your private spa. Take your bathroom to that next level of sophistication with a versatile bamboo bath caddy that holds drinks and food, along with your bath lotions and soaps, phone, and even a book.

Stamp your style on your bathroom décor with luxury finishes to your design. Insist on soft-close for your cabinetry drawers and doors. Your vanity countertop can make a luxe statement with a range of stylish finishes. Choose from something organic like timber or bamboo, or a beautiful stone like quartz. Contemporary choices in basins can include:

· Round

· Oval

· Square

· Molded top

· Counter-top

· Drop-in

· Semi-recessed

· Undermount

And twin bowl configurations add to your style statement. There is a wealth of innovative bathroom ideas you can incorporate into your design that offers both practicality and sophistication. With such a range of choices in accessories and materials, you can fully customize your bathroom décor and achieve that enviable smart finish.