Custom New Build vs. Tract Home New Build

Who doesn’t want a home that you can call your own? Oh! What an amazing feeling it is to come back to your HOME at the end of the day. Buying a house seems easy, right? All you need to do is have the necessary finances and pick a house – Bam! You have a new house. Sadly, it is not that sample and should not even be. After all, buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. So, you should take your time and choose a house wisely. For most people, the best way to get a house is to custom build a new one. You can get anything you want, design it any way you want (staying within limits of the law, of course). For this, you need a lot of money. As everything is custom-made for you, it is expensive. On the other hand, you have the option of buying a tract home. They are much cheaper than a custom new build home. There are many things involved in helping you decide which home to go for. It largely depends on your budget, schedule, time, personality etc. To decide which house you would prefer, you need to first understand what the difference between the two is.

What Are Custom Homes?

Just as the name suggests, a custom home is a home built especially for a particular buyer. The builder and the homeowner sit down together and plan everything from the foundation material to the lights to the carpet to the curtains that the house will have. In short, it is one-of-a-kind as it is specifically designed for one client. The most prominent feature of a custom home is the uniqueness it offers. Every custom home is different. You will not come across two similar custom homes.

What Are Tract Homes?

Tract homes are very different from custom homes. These homes are built on a tract of land, hence the name. The builder buys a huge tract of land. The area is subdivided into different lots and houses are built on it. The builder buys material in build and uses that material to build similar homes. These types of homes are not very common. But, if you can find them, they are a cost-effective and simple solution when compared to custom or even manufactured homes.

The best thing about tract homes is that they are less expensive. It is simpler and easier to buy a tract home. The entire load of the design is on the builder and the buyer does not have to make any decisions. The homes are pre-made and come in larger groups. Some people confuse these houses to be of low quality. This is a misconception. The downside to these is just the almost zero customization option and a lower resale value of the house.

Custom New Build Home or Tract Home New Build – Which to Choose?

There is not the same for everyone. The truth is that it is a very personal choice. For me, a tract home looks inviting as I don’t need to indulge in deciding what to do and what not to do. Another big attraction of this type of home is that there is no waiting time. I can go and select a tract home and move in the next day (If all goes well). Some things to look into before making the decision are as follows.

- Budget

Your budget plays a big role in deciding which home you can choose. Custom homes are expensive. You need to have a huge budget for getting a custom homemade. On the contrary, tract homes are a much cheaper alternative. Firstly, the builders have to incur a much lower cost. A huge tract of land is brought, making it much cheaper. The materials are bought in bulk and the inventory is much cheaper as compared to a custom home.

- Involvement

Some people don't want to get involved in the nitty-gritty of getting a house build. For them, a tract home is a go-to option. Everything is already decided and made. So, there is no responsibility of the buyer.

- Time Constraint

Time is also a constraint when it comes to building a house. If you have the budget and want to be involved, time is also required. Custom homes take a long time to build. The builder and the buyer have to sit together and decide everything from the pre-plans of the house to the foundation to the interior design. This requires time. Building a house from scratch also requires time and effort.

Tract homes are the best if you don't have time to get a house built. There are a lot of available options all the time and you just need to go, have a look and lock the deal. If everything between the buyer and the builder goes well, you can make an immediate purchase.

It is true "The home is where the heart is" So, it does not matter whether you go for a custom home or opt for a tract home. Custom homes give you the flexibility of doing whatever you like. In the case of tract homes, you can bring in personal touches by designing them according to your requirements.