Craftsman Style Home Design- Back To Basics

Craftsman Style Home Design was initially a form of retaliation against the Industrial Revolution in the 1860swhen the “Arts and Crafts movement” began. The people thought of it as a breath of fresh air after the popularity of Victorian-style homes began to dwindle. Right before the movement, there was a huge focus on mass production. Everyone had the same thing. However, while the style of the home had an obvious similarity, each home remains an individual. With its unique features and color schemes. Initially, the skilled labor and expensive materials required made the craftsman’s homes a choice of the wealthy. With time, local materials and labor were used to make it available for the middle class.

What Are Craftsman Style Homes?

Now, the question arises, how can you differentiate a craftsman-style home from a normal home? Well, each homestyle has some unique interior and exterior elements to it. The basic structure is the same for all the homes. They are simple, but they are not plain. Each home has very intricate details throughout. The houses have low-lying roofs, which have gables and wide dormers. Emphasis is paid to the front porch, which gives the guests a feeling of a cozy, warm, and welcoming environment. The home's exposed beams and an A-shaped roof are just two of many trademarked features every craftsman-style home has.

Characteristics of a Craftsman Style Home Design

The exterior color is mostly bold and tends to be dramatic. Contrasts of dark and light greens and earthy browns are common. Even though there are some basic color combinations, the choice is personal. Inside the house, you can use any color combination you want. Most people go for a bold exterior and a soft, warm interior to make an impression. Avery's common trait is contrasting windows and trims. You can color the window trims white to make the windows stand out from a distance.

Exterior Elements

The exterior of the house has some unique elements to it. These are mentioned below.

·       The roofline is gently sloped and has gable or shed dormers. Some staple details that you can see under the overhangs, porches, wide eaves, etc., are gable vents, knee braces, and roof brackets.

·       Special attention is paid to garage doors. They often have the appearance of carriage doors with different panels. The top panels are usually made of glass, and the lower panels are taller. Handle accents and door hinges are a thing in this type of home design.

·       They have steep porches that harbor accent doors. As you can see, you make a statement with the home right away!

exterior craftsman style home design

Interior Elements

·       The living room area incorporates different kinds of ceilings. Vaulted ceilings are mostly seen in the houses. They add an element of excitement and interest to the house and make it stand out from the others.

·       Open shelves, clean and straight lines, and visibility are the unique element of a Craftsman-style home. You will find many homes with stone stop countertops. This helps connect the modern homes with the traditional homes which were in that specific era.

·       Fireplaces are very common. Large fireplaces tend to be the focal point in a craftsman-style house. The mantlepiece is made of highly crafted wood, and that should grab attention.

·       The painted walls have painted windows, doors, ceiling trims, and bases. This gives a complete and cozy look to the house.

With craftsman homes, it is all about blending comfort and appearance. The interior includes beautifully crafted furniture and accessories without compromising on comfort. You will not hear anyone say your living room LOOKS wonderful but is not comfortable to be in. With the advent of technology, functionality and comfort are blended.