Boho-Style Home Design

Most everyone has heard of the Boho style home décor, and it sounds trendy, but not many can put a finger on it. Just what is ‘Boho’? The term bohemian refers to a person with an unconventional, free spirit, who goes their way with an exuberant lack of social conformity.  So, too, the Boho style of interior décor exhibits the same disregard for structure and tradition. And this freedom of interior design structure gives you a wide scope to express yourself in an uncensored way.

What does Boho-style home decor consist of?

The Bohemian design style is achieved with carefree layers. Mixing patterns, objects, colors, and textures that singularly are unconventional but when thrown together create an eclectic cohesion of all of these elements.

Here are ten sure-fire tips to follow for crafting your Boho look:

  • Layering
  • Bright, contrasting colors
  • Mixed textures
  • Bold patterns
  • Mismatched pillows and rugs
  • Low-level seating
  • Lived-in furniture
  • Inspired planters
  • Natural material baskets and lampshades
  • Ottomans, bean bags and poufs
boho design style interior ottomans, wicker, pillows, rugs, art.

The modern boho aesthetic can be defined by layers!

Throw together a bright, contrasting medley of multi-cultural patterns and elements in layers. Start with layering the rugs on the floor, with furniture casually draped in throws, and pillows piled up everywhere, to create a vision of warmth and comfort. The layering of different patterns creates a contrasting decor but keeping to a similar color theme helps tie all the elements together. For example, weaving the colors and patterns of the Mediterranean throughout your décor will deliver a pleasing effect.

You can craft your Boho style home décor with a low couch on a hemp rug with an overlapping Tuscan style rug, built up with ethnic patterned cushions and throw rugs. While on the floor there are piles of cushions and bean bags of different shapes and colors, made from wool, faux fur, hemp, or woven bamboo. Boho-style seating can include chaises, low-backed sofas, hanging chairs, comfy ottomans, and vintage-style chairs. Add macrame wall hangings, and knotted lampshades on rustic metal end tables decorated with shells and driftwood for that playful visual vibe.

Allow yourself to go crazy with plants and planters of every style and shape. Plants are an affordable and adaptable way to create that relaxed bohemian style because of their myriad of shapes and colors. Glam them up with riotous planters of different materials and sizes to provide interest and depth. A varied selection of hanging plants will help add height and dimension to your room.

Creating a boho living space brings out the artist in you and inspires conversations

Bring handed-down furniture into the mix, something that tells a story, something old but much-loved. If it looks a little battered around the edges, all the better, it will help conjure that boho-chic. Opt for hand-made furniture or hand-woven objects like rugs, lampshades, and wall hangings. Try painting older furniture in bright fresh colors; anything that is timber, metallic, rattan, or bamboo. To add an exotic charm to your bohemian styling, the materials and furniture you choose should look like they are well-loved and have a history or a story to be told from far-away shores.

Make sure you have fun mixing contrasting patterns, different shapes and sizes, different ethnicities, and vibrant colors to create that bohemian visual impact with that inviting lived-in vibe.

But how do you get the right look in your living space?

Your bohemian design style doesn't need to be an unrestrained riot of busy colors and patterns. You could achieve an interesting visual impact with a more laid-back palette. Choose a more neutral tone, perhaps a muted color base picked out with a few wild statements of patterns and random pops of color. An interesting bohemian palette can succeed with earthy hues artfully combined with pale warm colors and contrasting cool colors. This styling can more subtly capture the boho vibe and still build talking points of interest.

A more restrained nod to modern bohemian styling can still lend a fascinating boho-chic to your living space while avoiding the temptation to end up with a scene of disjointed clutter.

Modern bohemian interior design will always be popular because it allows the individual to express themselves artistically in their home environment. It permits the inhabitant to tell a story, make an impact, express their innate creativity, and own the space they live in. If you are looking for a style that reflects the unrestrained uniqueness of your personality, boho may be just right for you.