2021 Home Décor Trends

Home décor and interior designing have always been a “Thing”. Whatever social class we belong to, we want our house to look the best and invest in it. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, life took a U-turn. People were forced to spend ALL their time in their homes and that redefined how a home should look. From luxury to comfort, the transition was not easy.

As more and more people started staying home, the home became a school, an office, the gym, the parlor, the spa and what not. Even with 2021 coming to an end, things have not changed much. So, the home décor in 2021 incorporates many things in it like comfort, availability, affordability, versatility, functionality etc.

Home Décor Trends Of 2021

Today, we will be talking about the top 6 home décor trends 2021 which will help you make a statement. They are not only classy but super affordable too. We have talked to hundreds of interior designers and decorators to come up with the 6 most adopted home décor trends and compiled them for you.

Warm Color Tones

Most people believe that the house can only be a shade of grey, white, beige or other neutral colors. That is not true. Playing with the color palette will give an instant makeover to your house without investing too much. The trick is to go for warm colors. This will make your home look lively and welcoming and you will have fun spending time at home.

Curved Furniture

“Curved is the new straight”. Sharp lines give a very modern look and make an impact. But this year, people prefer a softer look. Even tables with curved corners are more popular than the traditional ones. An important thing to remember with curved furniture is not to mix it up. Having a curved sofa set with a table with edges will not look good and ruin the look.

Indoor Plants

This year is all about “if we can’t go out, let’s bring nature home”. Indoor plants work well with all types of homes. You could have a farmhouse look, a modern home, a Scandinavian home etc. and still indoor plants will look good with anything.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also relax you by providing fresh air. You can make a statement wall by placing different plant pots on the shelf. Or you can go for only one plant on your study or side table. The choice is yours. Trust us; you can’t go wrong with a plant!

Geometrical Shapes

If you have a little adventure in you and you like to try new things, geometrical shapes are for you. They amp up the style quotient of space in no time. They are dramatic, look amazing and can be incorporated in either furniture or as wall hangings. You can also get geometrical lights, paintings, chairs etc. We recommended keeping the drawing or guest room bolder with them.


Let’s face it; timelessness is the key to making your home look interesting and beautiful. Moodier and dark rooms with oil paintings are going to give a very traditional and timeless look. Pair that up with a modern light and see how your visitors are attracted to it. You will be transitioning your room from one era to another, and no one will be able to pinpoint what is going on and be engulfed by the beauty of it.

Checks and Stripes

When we are on mixing it up, why not mix up patterns? Stripes and checks NEVER go out of fashion. One of the most fun trends of this year is to mix them up. The trick is to achieve that perfect balance, so it does not look over the top. You can go for stripes on the wall and use check linen with striped cushions on top.

These 6 trends are surely going to make your home stand out this year. You don’t need a fancy budget for making your house look amazing and these trends prove just that. No more renovating the entire house or ripping the walls down, a few simple additions here and there and you are good to go!