What Is A Luxury Custom Home?

A custom luxury home has a design that is entirely unique. From the architecture to the layout and design. What makes the space luxury is the top of the line materials used to build the home, in addition to the high end features installed throughout.

Our Process

The first step is always a consultation. We answer any questions you may have, go over your budget and discuss the land on which the home will be built. At this point, should you choose to hire us, we will begin our 3 step process.

-Step One "Design"

During the design phase, we will come up with a design for your custom home that both stays within your budget and gives you the outcome you are envisioning. Together we will cover all of your options and design a home layout, exterior style, interior design and any upgraded features to be installed in your new home.

-Step Two "Refine"

During the Refine phase, we go into what is called "pre-construction". This is where the process gets exciting because it will be the first time you see your vision coming to life. Through detailed CAD drawings and 3D renderings, you will get the opportunity to see a detailed visualization of your design and make adjustments as you see fit.

-Step Three "Build"

During the Build phase, construction begins on your home. Our team will keep you updated every step of the way to ensure your vision is being realized as it was imagined. You will be given estimates on timing to complete your project and any and all necessary building permits will have been collected by our team prior to beginning construction.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals work in sync every step of the way. Everyone from the designer to the purchasing agent to the project managers communicate with each other as well as with you, the client. Ensuring your vision is realized without any issues.  We are a team of home remodeling designers, architects, and experienced builders with the know-how, talent and expertise to create amazing custom homes throughout the San Diego Area. Our team has worked with homeowners throughout the region; we emphasize quality, affordability and the type of honest and transparent building process that doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated, but rather thrilled with the results of your new custom build.

Building a home is not something we take lightly. Every project gets our full and complete participation. It is this meticulous attention to detail—all the details—that make us one of the most trusted custom home building firms in San Diego. We understand that this is perhaps one of the biggest expenses in your life. And we know that you want a team you can trust with that investment. A team that can help you realize the style and type of house that you’ve always envisioned.